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Why should you invest in a home elevator?


Elevators are an easily justified addition to homes for a variety of reasons. Larger homes with extra levels require climbing lots of stairs. Or, if you are one of the many people with physical mobility challenges, you already know the value of elevators and similar accessibility devices in public facilities. Your own home should be one place you don’t have to worry about moving around effortlessly, no matter where you want to go in your house, or how often. A residential elevator will give you maximum mobility with minimum effort throughout the levels of your home.

Craig Jones on personal home elevator

Building costs

A home elevator preplanned into your new house will enable you to build taller without worrying about long flights of stairs. It’s commonly known that building upward is less expensive than building outward to achieve the same square footage. The savings on your foundation size and roof area will help to offset the cost of an elevator, plus pay maintenance dividends for years to come.

Planning for the long-term

Perhaps there’s a elderly relative who may one day have to move in with you, or a disabled friend who will need access your home. Maybe you’re concerned about your own future challenges and want to make sure you can always live independently in your own house. Or, you might be thinking about home resale value for your heirs when the time comes. For any of these eventualities, a home elevator is the smart choice for the long-term. It increases the value and utility of your home, but most importantly, it increases your safety, enjoyment, and peace of mind for as long as you live there.


Adding an elevator to an existing building

Think you don’t have space for a home elevator? You might be surprised. We have experience in finding ways to fit a home elevator in with even the most restrictive floorplan. Below is an animated example of a classic problem and solution. Here we have a townhouse with little interior space for an elevator. Since there’s no footprint within the building, we create one outside it using an exterior shaft. The result, finished to match the rest of the building, only enhances the exterior appeal. Click Play below to watch.

What does a residential elevator cost?

home elevator cost savingsJust as garage door openers and home theaters, once considered extravagent luxuries, have become the norm for most households, home elevators are increasingly valued and even expected in higher-end dwellings. Realtors tell us that reselling non-accessible homes is very difficult, and for good reason: A large proportion of today’s home buyers are approaching retirement and thinking about their future.As mentioned elsewhere, a home elevator can actually reduce the overall cost of building a house by enabling the architect to plan upward instead of outward, shrinking the foundation size and roof area while maintaining or increasing floor space with extra levels.

And the conclusion is…

In the end, the question really isn’t “What does it cost to have a residential elevator?” but “What does it cost not to have a residential elevator?” It could cost your mobility, or someone else’s, or a loss in the value of your home – or even your ability to stay in your house when you reach your own “golden years”.

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