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Accessibility in Multilevel Homes

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My sister used to be a marathon runner.  Every morning she would run several miles in her neighborhood, her path taking her over various terrain and elevations.  Her favorite run was The Turkey Trot, a 5K marathon that takes place every Thanksgiving morning in Springfield, Missouri.  She always said that after finishing the 5K she had earned the right to eat whatever she wanted on Thanksgiving, guilt free.

It was during one of these races that my sister stepped on a rock and injured her knee.  Unfortunately, the injury was so severe that she had to have surgery.  There she was, a woman in her thirties with a family to care for, unable to navigate her split-level home.  She ended up having to hire help, with her laundry being in the basement and the children’s rooms being on the second floor she needed more help than what her hardworking husband could offer.

Situations like this are incredibly common, people go from being in the best shape of their lives and then one rock in the road, one slick patch of ice, one accident and their life has completely changed.  With it being more economic to build multi story homes, accessibility is a huge factor that most do not consider until they are debilitated. 

Country Home Elevator wants to help find the perfect accessibility solution for homeowners before these problems arise, we what to help prepare for the bumps in the road that life takes us on.  Residential Elevators can fit easily in home drawings where stacked hall closets were going to be.  Vertical Platform Lifts can be added to a back deck to add another mode of egress.  Stair lifts can be added to safely navigate basement stairs.  We even offer Attic Lifts when all those Christmas decorations get to be too heavy to take up the attic stairs.  With multiple offices spread throughout the Midwest, we have an expert near you that is ready to help!

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