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Home Elevators: Wheelchair Access

“While not all home elevators can fit wheelchairs, Country Home Elevator can design an elevator for you to meet your specific needs, down to wheelchair access. At a minimum, we would recommend a wheelchair capacity would need a 36″ wide by 48″ deep interior cab dimension. Be sure to include wheelchair mobility in your conversation with your elevator expert. We can look at the blueprint of your home and customize the perfect plan for you.” -Craig Jones, Owner of #countryhomeelevator
One of our vendors, #symmetry, states it best: “We know that wheelchairs provide much-needed mobility to people with injuries or disabilities and may become necessary if you plan on aging in place. Whether you currently use a wheelchair or believe you’ll need one as part of your aging-in-place modifications, a wheelchair elevator provides access to all levels of your home.”
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Adding An Elevator Has Never Been Easier

Adding an elevator can give your family comfort and style, without the stairs.

We offer three elevator packages:

  • Country Classic: Basic model – great economy pricing
  • Country Estate – Mid-range package
  • Country Elegance – Full featured home elevator package

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If you would rather speak in person, give us a call at 417-376-4009.

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Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift Is Calling!

So, you have filled out the ‘Instant Pricing Form’ on our website. What happens next?

Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift will be calling soon!
Here are a few answers to have ready to help you with your call from one of our representatives:
  • Is your new elevator or lift for an existing home or a new build? [If NEW, will you be working with an architect and/or contractor? Have contact information on hand]
  • Who specifically in the home or business will be using the elevator or lift? There may be things we can help you consider when making your decision. We can base the options on the needs of who specifically will be using it.
  • What mobility concerns do you have [if any]?
  • Do you have a place in mind for it to go?
  • What have you seen on the market that you like, as far as features, that you want for your elevator or lift? Have a must-haves list ready.
  • Keep any budget concerns or limits in mind
  • What is your ideal timeline for your project to be completed by?
We are ready to make the call! We cannot wait to talk to you about your future elevator or lift! We have a long vendor list, and can customize any product to fit your exact needs. Get ready to swipe!
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Ready to Roll!

It is another beautiful day of doing great business for our customers!

Another beautiful day of doing great business for our customers!
Ready to Roll

Did you know Country Home Elevator has five offices across four states in the Midwest? Each have professional sales team members you can meet and ask questions, and three have a range of products that you can demo in person. Wherever you are in your search for a home elevator, stair lift or vertical platform lift, we are ready to meet and help you make the right decision.

Please give us a call at (417) 376-4009 and discover why Country Home Elevator is the leading vertical transportation specialist near you.

PVE Home Elevators, In a Class of Their Own!

In a class of their own for visual appeal, view from cab, quietness & safety!

PVE home elevators offer homeowners an aesthetically pleasing residential elevator for both retro-fit and new construction projects and are ideal solutions for any homeowner looking to gain additional accessibility to their upper levels. Able to travel up to 5 stops or 50 feet in total rise, these residential elevators have a panoramic design that offers 360° degree views when traveling. With three sizes that range from a single passenger to a three passenger wheelchair accessible model, these self-supporting elevators can be installed almost anywhere inside your home as they require far fewer pre-construction requirements that traditional elevators on the market.

Watch this customer testimonial about their decision to purchase and the experience of installing a residential elevator in their home!

Masterful Magic!

Masterful Magic – the perfect title for Kansas City Homes & Style Magazine’s article in this months edition!

As Vertical Industry professionals, Country Home Elevator is proud to have one of our residential elevators presented in this exquisite home.

To read the full article and view more stunning design photography, visit Kansas City Homes & Style by clicking the button below.

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We diligently monitor our standards to provide a healthy environment for our customers and employees. To safely provide face-to-face communication we offer scheduled video calls with an elevator or stair lift professional. Video Calls take place 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Once we receive your request we will do our best to match your preference with our available agents.

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