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Custom Glass Elevator in HBA Parade of Homes

Country Home Elevator worked with Sam Clifton of Millstone Custom Homes to design and install a unique custom-built glass elevator in one of this year’s HBA showcase homes.

This project includes a custom designed cab with glass back wall panels and hoistway lighting to illuminate the cab exterior as it travels between the floors. We were able to maintain a great view of the golf course from the interior as well as in the cab as it travels between the three levels of this magnificent 10,000 sq. ft. home.

The cab wood interior was all finished to match the home interior and lighting systems integrated to turn on lights automatically as the elevator arrives at a floor. Hoistway doors also have full glass panels to allow light and a view with or without the elevator at the landing. Automatic cab gates allow for easy of operations and more complete accessibility and a trouble free operation.

Home Elevators are still a value add to any multi story home design. The volume of vacant multi-story homes without elevators has increased substantially in the past three years and realtors are calling weekly about how they can add an elevator to an existing home to make it more marketable. In this economy, every advantage is needed to make an existing home more broadly appealing.

The event took place from June 17th-26th at 3959 E. Huckle – Hickory Hills in Springfield, Missouri.

Helping Evelyn Achieve Mobility

Working in conjunction with the Southwest Center for Independent Living, Country Home Elevator recently helped a disabled Forsyth resident gain mobility through the in-kind donation of a wheelchair lift. You can read Evelyn’s complete story on SWCIL’s website.

As elevator professionals, helping people improve their mobility, safety, and quality of life is what we’re all about. It was a pleasure to work with the folks at SWCIL, and it was a pleasure to help Evelyn.

Craig with Evelyn on wheelchair lift

ThyssenKrupp Shuts Down Grandview Facility

This week, ThyssenKrupp Access CEO Scot Zoetway announced the closing of the Grandview, Missouri facility of ThyssenKrupp Access. As a former employee of American Stair-Glide and Access Industries it is disappointing for me to see such a solid manufacturer close its doors.

We and the Kauffman family invested deeply in developing a great Missouri company. It is disappointing to see it leave the KC Market, but based on its poor performance in the market it is understandable. My best wishes to all the people who kept trying to turn things around, but kept running into road blocks to success.  I wish them well in finding new jobs in this poor economy.

For those who may have TKA equipment in the KC area, Country Home Elevator of Kansas City will be here to serve your needs in maintaining any old equipment from American Stair-Glide, Access Industries, or TK Access.   For those needing new equipment, contact us for a quote – we can provide you with even better products for longer service.

Country Home Elevator – KC is here to serve our customers’ needs.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Craig S. Jones CET-S Owner

Spring 2011 Trade Show Schedule

Come out and see us at a home show near you this spring.  Try out a demo unit, pick up literature and meet with our qualified sales staff.

Tulsa Home Builder's Association Show

March 10th-13th, QuikTrip Center at Expo Square, Tulsa, Oklahoma.  For more information, see the Tulsa HBA Website.

Lake of the Oarks Products and Services Show

March 19th-20th, Country Club Hotel, Lake Ozark, Missouri.  Click here for more information.

Elevator exhibit at Home Builder's show

Kansas City Home Builder's Association Show

March 25th-27th, Kansas City Convention Center, Bartle Hall.  More information.

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