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Custom Glass Elevator in HBA Parade of Homes

Country Home Elevator worked with Sam Clifton of Millstone Custom Homes to design and install a unique custom-built glass elevator in one of this year’s HBA showcase homes.

This project includes a custom designed cab with glass back wall panels and hoistway lighting to illuminate the cab exterior as it travels between the floors. We were able to maintain a great view of the golf course from the interior as well as in the cab as it travels between the three levels of this magnificent 10,000 sq. ft. home.

The cab wood interior was all finished to match the home interior and lighting systems integrated to turn on lights automatically as the elevator arrives at a floor. Hoistway doors also have full glass panels to allow light and a view with or without the elevator at the landing. Automatic cab gates allow for easy of operations and more complete accessibility and a trouble free operation.

Home Elevators are still a value add to any multi story home design. The volume of vacant multi-story homes without elevators has increased substantially in the past three years and realtors are calling weekly about how they can add an elevator to an existing home to make it more marketable. In this economy, every advantage is needed to make an existing home more broadly appealing.

The event took place from June 17th-26th at 3959 E. Huckle – Hickory Hills in Springfield, Missouri.

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