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CPSC and AEMA Elevator Gap Safety Alert

In 2016, the ASME Part 5.3 Residential Elevator Safety code was changed to decrease the Gap between the Hoistway door to the Cab gate system to ¾” & 4”.

The reason for this change was to add extra protection from small children being entrapped between these door systems. CHE is implementing a requirement to have all units we service meet a 4” gap or less. We have been taking photo surveys of all our units on service and documenting the gap to meet 5” in the past. It will be required to meet the 4” or less gap on all doors for CHE to continue maintaining the elevator system.

Learn more about the recent CSPC Alert issued about this serious hazard to children associated with residential elevators, noncompliant with safety codes and standards that allow excessive space between the car gates and hoistway doors.

Elevator Gap Safety Notices

CPSC Sues thyssenkrupp Access Corp. Over Deadly Gap Hazard in Residential Elevators; Action Prompted by Three Incidents: One Child Died, Another Permanently Disabled, and a Third Hospitalized After Becoming Entrapped

Residential Elevators Recalled for Repair by ThyssenKrupp Access Manufacturing Due to Fall Hazard

Statement of Acting Chair Ann Marie Buerkle: Safety Alert to Protect Children from a Deadly Gap between Doors of Home Elevators

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