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Garage Parking Lifts

Underground Garage Parking Vehicle Lifts – Think your garage is out of space? Think again. Just as home elevators make it possible to vertically expand a house without increasing its footprint, parking elevators allow you to fit twice as many cars in the same garage. This solution is particularly ideal when you want to protect a vehicle that you may not drive on a daily basis. Owners of sports cars and collectible rides, for instance, can protect those valuable investments without taking up premium garage space.

USA-made quality and service

Unlike many parking lifts, which are marketed in America but actually made overseas, Vasari car elevators are made in the USA. This means not only higher standards of quality and safety, but much better factory support as well. Add the local expertise of Missouri-based Country Home Elevator, and you have a truly solid combination of quality and service. We work with your architect and builder to ensure that the lift is ingeniously compatible with your garage design. Contact us today to make your garage dream a practical reality.

Whether you are an avid car collector or just have a precious vehicle that deserves special treatment, an underground parking lift is the ultimate solution. You have the security to keep the vehicle hidden away below the surface. If you happen to own a couple dozen vehicles, do you really want an unsightly parking lot or warehouse on your property? An underground garage lift solutions from Country Home Elevator can help you get them hidden underground — out of sight.

VASARI™ car lifts

VASARI™ subterranean parking lifts are designed to provide parking and/or storage for two full sized vehicles by vertically stacking them within the same footprint. This underground parking system lowers one vehicle to a lower elevation (basement, pit, etc.) for storage and security. Once lowered, a second vehicle can be driven onto a second, upper “canopy” platform, which has occupied the floor opening at street or grade level.

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