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Making Your Home Wheelchair and Handicap Friendly

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Whether it be after an accident, because you’ve purchased a new home without the amenities you need or are building a new home, or because you or a loved one is having trouble getting around lately, making your home more wheelchair and handicap accessible can do wonders for the mobility and freedom of those who are in need of a wheelchair and other mobility assistance.

If your home isn’t already equipped or easily made handicap friendly, it can be a daunting undertaking. Here are some tips on where to start and what to do to ensure that your loved ones can navigate your home with safety and ease, allowing them continued comfort and freedom.

Make at least one entrance wheelchair accessible. Adding a ramp to the front door or in the garage will ensure that your loved ones can enter the house through at least one door on their own and without the dangers that stairs present to wheelchair users.

Put as many hard-surface floors in your home as possible. Have you always wanted a hardwood floor? Now’s the time to get it. Installing tile, hardwood, other flat surfaces, or low-pile carpet will allow your loved ones to get around more easily without putting extra strain on their bodies.

Make sure that the bathroom is safe. The bathroom is a dangerous enough room as it is, but for people who need to transfer from a wheelchair, it can be even more hazardous. Installing a shower instead of a tub and installing safety bars throughout the bathroom can help lessen the danger.

Replace or make stairs more wheelchair friendly. Stairs can be an intimidating feat for those who rely on a wheelchair. Installing a stair lift or elevator can provide them with the freedom they need and take away the risk that stairs present.

Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift offers residential and commercial services and provides stair lifts, vacuum elevators, Stiltz elevators, attic lifts, dumbwaiters, and other residential wheelchair and handicap friendly solutions. With offices and showrooms in Missouri, Arkansas, and Oklahoma, you can try the available options before you make a final decision.

Whether you’re building a home or need to add on to your current residence, Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift can help. Visit us at www.countryhomeelevator.com for more information about our services, to get a quote, and to get in touch today.

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