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Midwest Ability Summit Featuring The Innovative Stairwell Elevator This Weekend

Open Wall View - The Stairwell Elevator

The Stairwell Elevator: Creation to Exhibition

When Todd Edmunds’ older brother Fritz suffered a neck injury in a diving accident, Todd found the need to find an efficient way to get him up and down the stairs.  Adding an elevator to their home was not an option, he wanted to find a way to utilize the space already taken up by the staircase.  By way of a salvage yard, eBay, and lots of trial and error, the first Stairwell Elevator was created. 

Once Todd Edmunds received the US Utility Patent on his project, the next step was to bring the product to the market.  The challenge with an innovative product is that the National Elevator Code does not specifically reference the function of how the Stairwell Elevator operates, and designing to meet the National Elevator Code requires some understanding of the code approval process. Country Home Elevator and Stair Lifts Owner Craig Jones was referred to him by industry colleagues who suggested that he could help.  Coming from a long background of experience in the elevator industry, including a position in the Engineering Department and Sales at American Stair-Glide and positions with Thyssen and Access Industries, Craig was a fully qualified elevator expert well before he founded Country Home Elevator and Stair Lifts in 2001. He holds a number of industry certifications, positions and awards, including 6 years on the ASME 5.3 Residence Elevator Code Committee.

Todd Edmunds and Craig Jones soon added Fabrication Engineer Austin Heywood to the team.   Country Home Elevator Licensed Technicians also assisted with the project, including Senior Technician Ron Gist and Service Manager Bill Zarr.  Now, after a lot of hard work and safety engineering, The Stairwell Elevator Team is now ready to share this invention with the world and to help everyone experience the freedom, utility and affordability that only the Stairwell Elevator can provide.

The Stairwell Elevator will make its first public appearance this August.  “I think we have covered all the Safety aspects and will be asking for Inspector input in our upcoming Overland Park, Kansas Midwest Abilities Summit Show”. – Craig Jones

Staircase Normal Position
Staircase Normal Position
Staircase Up, Elevator Rising
Staircase Rising
Staircase Up, Elevator Rising
Staircase Up, Elevator Rising
Elevator At Top
Elevator At Top

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