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Attic Storage Lifts

Toiling up and down ordinary stairs with tubloads of stuff is bad enough. Trying to do the same thing with flimsy folding attic stairs – or worse a standalone ladder – presents an even more serious danger. A SpaceLift cargo lift is to your attic what a dumbwaiter is to the rest of your house. By motorizing the process of moving stuff up and down from the attic, the SpaceLift system makes it easier for you to properly utilize the space above the ceiling. Click here for details.


Stairs are dangerous enough without an armload of laundry or a small piece of furniture to trip you up. A dumbwaiter is an economical way to increase safety and convenience when moving between floors of your home – without investing in a full-fledged elevator. Country Home Elevator sells both residential and commercial dumbwaiters and can help you select the ideal unit for your individual needs. Click here for details.

Garage Parking Lifts

Underground Garage Parking Vehicle Lifts – Think your garage is out of space? Think again. Just as home elevators make it possible to vertically expand a house without increasing its footprint, parking elevators allow you to fit twice as many cars in the same garage. This solution is particularly ideal when you want to protect a vehicle that you may not drive on a daily basis.  Click here for details.

Convert-A-Step Hybrid Wheelchair Lift

NOTE: The Convert-A-Step product line has been discontinued by the manufacturer. Click here for details.

Cushion lifting chairs by Med-lift

Country Home Elevator carries cushion lifting chairs made by Med-lift, a major manufacturer of such equipment for twenty years. Starting with a frame made of kiln-dried oak and hardwoods, Med-lift chairs are built with the highest quality materials and backed by an industry-leading warranty.

Lifting chairs, lift recliners

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