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Stiltz Residential Elevators

For light-duty home elevator needs, it’s hard to find a solution less intrustive or more economical than the Stiltz line of compact home elevators.

  • Less expensive than most traditional home elevators, but more capable and less intrusive than most stairlifts and wheelchair lifts.
  • No hoistway or load-bearing walls required; elevator may be placed in the most convenient location for your needs.
  • No hydraulic system or separate machine room required. Intelligent electric drive moves with the elevator for a truly minimal footprint.
  • Extremely compact footprint (just 12 square feet) allows elevator to be installed in a tight space, such as a corner or unused closet.
  • Dual-rail design with disappearing floor is aesthetically attractive, and the clear-cab option blends in perfectly with any decor.
  • Once installation starts, it is typically completed within two days.

Stiltz Demo Video

Note: Stiltz lifts sold in the US come with a half-height safety gate standard. The installations shown in this video are in the country of Australia, where safety requirements vary.

Stiltz Home Elevator Models

To best meet the needs of each individual, Stiltz offers three different home elevator models with graduated sizes and feature sets.

Stiltz Duo home elevator

Stiltz Residential Elevators

  • Basic model; best price in Stiltz product lineup.
  • Comfortably carries two people at a time.
  • Ultra-compact footprint.
Stiltz Vista home elevator

Vista Elevator

  • Polycarbonate lift car.
  • Clear body seems to vanish into any type of decor.
  • Elevator users have a better view, plus a sense of more space while riding.
Stiltz trio home elevator

Trio Elevator – Wheelchair Access

  • Larger car accommodates a wheelchair.
  • Folding ramp allows easy roll-in access for wheelchair users.

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We diligently monitor our standards to provide a healthy environment for our customers and employees. To safely provide face-to-face communication we offer scheduled video calls with an elevator or stair lift professional. Video Calls take place 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Once we receive your request we will do our best to match your preference with our available agents.

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