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Curved Stairlifts – Where Are We Wednesdays (10/03/2018)​

Curved Stairlifts
Where Are We Wednesdays (10/03/2018)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

The first three pictures were sent in by Sales Consultant John today in Springfield, Missouri.  This week crews have been installing the pictured Handicare Freecurve Stairlift, and now that the job is complete the customer is trying it out. 

Country Home Elevator can install even the most complex curved stairway lifts with ease. To ensure an exact fit on your staircase, we utilize the Handicare proprietary PhotoSurvey3D system to take pictures of your stairs. These measurements are then uploaded into our system and transposed into an instant preview of how your stairlift will look in your home.  Our sales staff all have tablets that customers can use for the virtual experience.

This stairlift was installed with a special feature, a retractable rail.  In the first picture on the bottom left, the customer rode the stairlift to the bottom of the rail and exited safely on the main floor.  See the black piece on the rail right above the seat?  This is a retractable joint.  In the next picture, the stairlift and rail have been retracted onto itself, so it does not take up room in the walkway.  Retractable rails are an option for both straight and curved lifts, and are operated with the remote for easy use.

The next picture was sent in by Oklahoma Operations Manager Jim in Perkins, Oklahoma.  He is at a service call for a Car Lift, a personal garage lift used to maximize space by stacking cars using a platform.  They are utilized by first parking a car on the platform then lowing the lift into the pit and parking a car on top, or parking a car on top and lifting it above so a second car can be parked at ground level.  The first option is used by homeowners that want to keep a vehicle hidden, the latter for homeowners with higher ceiling space.  Country Home Elevator offers a few different options and brands when it comes to this type of lift.

The last picture on the bottom right was sent in by Lead Technician Adam in Chesterfield, Missouri.  Along with Technician Jesse, they are installing a Symmetry Home Elevator.  This view is during installation in which the car is between floors and Adam is below making adjustments.

Our crews are also in Rogers, St Marys, Overland Park, Kimberling City, El Dorado Springs, Branson, Tulsa, Vinita, and Norwood today.  If you see one of our trucks feel free to tag us on Facebook using #countryhomeelevator or #wherearewewednesdays

Thanks for reading, and remember to check us out every Wednesday for updates!

Curved Stairlift
Happy Customer
At the Bottom
At the Bottom
Retractable Rail
Retractable Rail
Car Lift
Car Lift

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