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November Newsletter

Letter from the Owner

CHE Team,

Safety is a critical part of what we must focus on, Our Safety and the consumer’s safety.

Many things can cause a business owner to lose sleep. The safety of the Employees and Customers are right at the top. We had a very close call this last Month and could have been attending a Funeral. We were blessed that only an injury that can be recovered from was the result. I try to educate and provide a safe environment for both Employee and Customer, but I am not able to follow each crew and direct each action on a job site. I must trust that you all take your safety and the safety of our customers as the highest priority. A few key items to review with regard to safety:

1. Never leave a hoistway entry unprotected. Even if you are working safely around the entry, other trades may be curious and not use appropriate safety when approaching an open hoistway.
2. Your partner’s safety is just as important as your own. If we as a TEAM look out for the other TEAM member and work as a TEAM we will work safer.
3. Always use Confirming communications when moving a car in a hoistway. “Going UP” “Yes clear going UP”. Wait to hear the confirming response from all team members.
4. Use barricades for your work area. Someone entering your work area could kick a tool off the landing into a hoistway.
5. Secure all entrances after you are done working at that landing.
6. Don’t go onto a job site without you harness already on. You are elevator installers. You will be at some point working in an area where being secured to a safety harness is REQUIRED.

Please be safe,       

Craig Jones

Quote From a Happy Customer

“I just wanted to call and let their boss know that Leland and Josh were very nice and prompt. They are two great men, very polite, and I wanted to commend them on their excellent service.”  -Dr. Phillips in Ft. Smith

Thank you Leland and Josh for maintaining our high expectations of service on a daily basis!

Welcome to Country Home Elevator Ron Benton

Last month CHE brought on a new Sales Rep, Ron Benton, to represent the Oklahoma Region.  Ron has 25 years of sales experience, with 10 of them as management, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Education.

Ron shares his love of selling with his love of God, Country, and sports.  He is currently the Commander of Awana, Deacon, and Trustee at his church.  He is a Navy Veteran, during his service he worked as a Radar Technician on the F-14 Tomcat Fighter Jet (he arrived on base two months after the movie Top Gun was released, and even took the radar system out of one of the aircrafts used in the movie).  Ron played football for 9 years and went on to coach for 5, played competitive golf for 5 years, and played baseball for 3 years.  Welcome Ron!

Birthdays & Anniversaries

11/05 Todd’s 2nd CHE Anniversary

Happy Thanksgiving!

Country Home Elevator will be closed 11/27 & 11/28 so that our employees can spend time with their families.

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We diligently monitor our standards to provide a healthy environment for our customers and employees. To safely provide face-to-face communication we offer scheduled video calls with an elevator or stair lift professional. Video Calls take place 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Once we receive your request we will do our best to match your preference with our available agents.

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