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November Newsletter

  Letter from the Owner CHE Team, Safety is a critical part of what we must focus on, Our Safety and the consumer’s safety. Many things can cause a business owner to lose sleep. The safety of the Employees and Customers are right at the top. We had a very close call this last Month and could have been attending a Funeral. We were blessed that only an injury that can be recovered from was the result. I try to educate and provide a safe environment for both Employee and Customer, but I am not able to follow each crew … Read more

Video Call

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We diligently monitor our standards to provide a healthy environment for our customers and employees. To safely provide face-to-face contact we offer scheduled video calls with an elevator or stair lift professional. Video Calls take place 9:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday through Friday. Once we receive your request we will do our best to match your preference with our available agents.

Preferred Day & Time are multiple choice. Use Ctrl+shift on PC or Cmd+shift on Mac.