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Where Are We Wednesdays (03/28/2018)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

The first two pictures on the left were sent in by Senior Technician Ron.  He is in Nixa, Missouri today finishing up on a Handicare Freecurve Stair Lift.  Custom built to fit your staircase, this unique, single track design is available in a variety of colors to match your home and decor.  To ensure an exact fit on your staircase, we utilize the proprietary PhotoSurvey3D system to take pictures of your stairs. These measurements are then uploaded into our system and transposed into an instant look at how your stairlift will look in your home. This allows you the opportunity to make sure you are happy with the design before we even leave your home!

The middle picture was sent in by Technician Ivan.  He is installing a Symmetry Home Elevator in Washington, Missouri today.  This elevator features a pass-through cab, it opens in the front and the back.  As you can see, we were able to match the interior of the elevator to the rest of the wood in the house.  This picture was taken before the gates were installed, that is why you can see the frame of the car.

The top right picture was taken by Lead Technician Adam, he got creative with his selfies today!  Technician Austin is pictured as well, he is in the hoistway of a Symmetry Home Elevator they are installing in University City, Missouri.  This is one of three elevators they will be installing in a group of town homes this week.

Poor Technician Tim sent in the bottom right picture today, he is stuck in the mud!  The local news anticipated that we would receive three inches of rain by Friday, and although we will always appreciate rain that is quite a bit in such a short span of time! 

Our crews are also in Springfield, Kearney, Kansas City, Branson West, Hollister, Tulsa, Norman, Oklahoma City, and Sedalia today.  If you see one of our trucks feel free to tag us on Facebook using #countryhomeelevator or #wherearewewednesdays

Thanks for reading, and remember to check us out every Wednesday for updates!

Curved SWL
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Curved SWL 2
Handicare Freecurve
Ivan Pass Thru
Symmetry Training
Austin in Hoistway

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