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Where Are We Wednesdays (10/31/2018)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Lead Technician Adam sent in the first four pictures on the left while installing a Symmetry Limited Use/Limited Access Elevator in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma today.  Technicians Austin and Jessie are assisting with the installation in this office building (can you find Austin in the top middle picture?).  What is a Limited Use/Limited Access Elevator (LU/LA)?  The LU/LA elevator provides access for low occupancy / low rise commercial buildings where a traditional passenger elevator is not feasible or required by code. It is ideal for applications up to six stops and 25 feet (standard) or 40 feet (with approved variance) of travel.  All LU/LA elevators are limited by speed, travel and capacity in order to comply with ASME A17.1 Section 5.2 and the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act).

What makes the Symmetry LU/LA exceptional?  The Symmetry LU/LA has the shallowest pit depth required in the industry (13” pit), easing construction costs.  It has the shortest overhead required in the industry (106”), making it easier to fit in smaller spots.  All lights used for the Symmetry LU/LA are energy saving LED, including the COP & car lights.  It also includes directional indicators.

The final picture on the right was sent in by Technician Ivan in Springfield, Missouri.  Along with Senior Technician Ron, they are installing a Symmetry LU/LA Retrofit Modernization Kit to an existing Flexi Lift LU/LA.  The company that made Flexi Lifts is no longer in business, so when the local school started having issues with their lift we worked with Symmetry Elevating Systems to come up with a Retrofit Kit that would fit for the repairs and Modernization.    

Our crews are also in Tulsa, Saint Marys, Prairie Village, Village of Loch Lloyd, St. Louis and Wichita today.  If you see one of our trucks, feel free to tag us on Facebook using #countryhomeelevator or #wherearewewednesdays

Thanks for reading, and remember to check us out every Wednesday for updates!

Setting Rails
Installing Rails
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Setting The Car Top Switche
Machine Room
Machine Room
LU/LA Retrofit Modernization Kit
LU/LA Retrofit Modernization Kit

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