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Where Are We Wednesdays (11/29/2017)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Today, our Lead Technician Adam has a team installing a Transporter Elevator in Florrisant, Missouri.  The Transporter Elevator is the only battery powered home elevator in the industry, it can run over ten trips simply on the battery.  With all the storms that come through the Midwest, having an elevator that is immune to power outages can make all the difference!

The Transporter Elevator is easily installed, it does not require a traditional hoistway so extensive construction is not necessary.  This elevator is the perfect option for existing homes that do not want to compromise floorspace, pits and machine rooms are not needed.  They can be installed on any wall, it does not have to be exterior or load bearing.  Not having a hoistway is also a perk for homeowners who struggle with claustrophobia.

The Transporter Elevator adheres to The American Society of Mechanical Engineers national standards for elevator code, and does not require special wiring.  This elevator comes in blue, but more options are available.  With an industry competitive warranty, this elevator is a win win!  Call us today for more information, and scroll down for more pictures!

Our crews are also in Lincoln, Elkland, Rogersville, Springfield, Lees Summit, Independence, Mission Hills, Holiday Island, Branson, Oklahoma City and Tulsa today.  If you see one of our trucks feel free to tag us on Facebook using #countryhomeelevator or #wherearewewednesdays

Thanks for reading, and remember to check us out every Wednesday for updates!