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Where Are We Wednesdays (11/28/2018)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Delivery!  Lead Technician Adam sent in the two pictures on the left today while in Branson West, Missouri.  His team is installing a Pneumatic Vacuum Elevator, due to the split level of the house they are using heavy machinery to lift the pieces up to the second floor.  The PVE comes in three sizes, this one is the largest capacity and will accommodate a wheelchair.

Technicians Tim and Ivan sent in the middle picture while at a job site in Shell Knob, Missouri.  They are installing a Symmetry Home Elevator that will service two floors.  Pictured is the Enterprise Gate option, this is the updated version of the scissor gate.  Homeowners enjoy the open feel of getting to see through the gate while maintaining safety code compliance. 

Although the blizzard earlier this week kept our teams from being able to work in the Kansas City area, the weather warmed up enough for crews to reach this job site in Weston, Missouri today.  Installation Manager Bill joined Kansas City Technician Darren to first install a Staying Home Corp Dumbwaiter, once completed they will also be installing a Symmetry Home Elevator.  The top right picture was quickly taken before they got too cold unloading the equipment.

The final picture on the bottom right is of Technician Austin in Springfield, Missouri.  He is out on a service call checking the wiring.

Our crews are also in Branson, Hollister, Edmond, and Nixa ​today.  If you see one of our trucks, feel free to tag us on Facebook using #countryhomeelevator or #wherearewewednesdays

Thanks for reading, and remember to check us out every Wednesday for updates!

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