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Inclined Platform Lifts / Wheelchair Lifts

The most direct and space-conscious way to make stairs wheelchair-accessible is to add an inclined lift. Inclined wheelchair lifts install over existing stairs, both curved and straight, and enable wheelchairs to perform the otherwise-impossible feat of negotiating stairs with no problem.

Country Home Elevator carries inclined wheelchair lifts from Savaria, a leading manufacturer of accessibility equipment. Contact us for more information on inclined platform lifts.

Savaria Delta

Deluxe Straight Rail Model

Savaria Delta Inclined Platform Wheelchair LiftDesigned for a single flight of interior straight stairs, the Savaria Delta is ideal for schools, churches, and public buildings as well as homes. Since the motor is housed on board the unit, there is no need for a machine room. The folding platform, available in ADA-compliant size, allows easy access the stairs when the lift is not being used.

With battery power constantly charged by stations at the top and bottom of the track, the Delta system will operate even in an electrical outage. The unobtrusive design and reliable performance of the Delta make it a winning choice for space-saving accessibility.

Savaria Omega

For Curved Installations

Savaria Omega curved inclined platform liftThe Savaria Omega inclined platform lift is ideal for curved and complex wheelchair lift installations, or installations with multiple landings. Mounted to a rail following the curves of the stairs, the Savaria Omega securely carries passenger and wheelchair where they need to go.

To free up stair space while the lift is not in use – especially important for commercial installations – the Omega includes a compact fold-away design. Optionally, the system can be configured for out-of-the-way parking.

Savaria ES-125

For Straight Installations

Note: The Savaria ES-125 is discontinued by the manufacturer. At this time we are able to offer limited parts and service for this model. Savaria es-125Compact and capable, the Savaria ES-125 is popular both for homes and light commercial applications such as churches and schools. Two models are available: The Standard, with a separate machine room to conceal the drive mechanism, and the Plus model, which incorporates the drive system in a tower at the top of the stairs. When not in use, the Savaria ES-125 folds to withing just 14 inches of the wall, maximizing usable stair width. Dual access ramps automatically fold out when the unit is opened for use, and the non-skid platform increases safety for the user. We are uniquely well equipped with a supply of parts for inclined platform lifts. Our parts are in stock, ready to ship. For parts, visit https://www.access2parts.com.