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Save your back (and a bunch of steps) with a Dumbwaiter

Stairs are dangerous enough without an armload of laundry or a small piece of furniture to trip you up. A dumbwaiter is an economical way to increase safety and convenience when moving between floors of your home – without investing in a full-fledged elevator. Country Home Elevator sells both residential and commercial dumbwaiters and can help you select the ideal unit for your individual needs. 

We Install Dumbwaiters for Residential and Commercial Use

The dumbwaiter product lines available from Waupaca and from Staying Home Corporation were chosen for their practical design, precision engineering and long-lasting reliability with minimal maintenance.

Take a look at our dumbwaiter offering below and click the product for details about the residential and commercial applications.

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The lift applications at Country Home Elevator & Stair Lifts helps home-owners save thousands of steps every day. Dumbwaiters are one of the most practical additions to any multi-story home. Residential dumbwaiters can be used for anything from transporting loads of laundry, groceries, boxes, and more!

  • Rack & pinion drive
  • No slack cable lock-ups
  • Battery operated
  • Fast and easy installation – plug & play
  • Aluminum rail instead of steel T-rail
  • No separate machine room required
  • No remote mounted controller
  • On board diagnostic troubleshooting LED light
  • 20” Wide x 20” Deep x 30” High – 200 lbs capacity
  • 24” Wide x 24” Deep x 30” High – 200 lbs capacity
  • 30” Wide x 30” Deep x 36” High – 275 lbs capacity
  • Warranty 5 years on motor & gear, and 2 years on all other parts

I find a new use for my Hide-a-Waiter almost every day. I love the convenience!




Our commercial dumbwaiter, the Paca-Waiter is designed for non-passenger vertical transportation applications

This versatile model is available with a net load capacity of 300 or 500 pounds. Safety and convenience are the hallmark of this unit designed for multi-floor businesses. Cars are standard in powder-coated steel and available in optional stainless steel. Either bi-parting or slide-up gates are required. Commercial hoist-way doors are available to complete the package for safety and code compliance. The dumbwaiter’s winding drum drive system and heavy-duty steel guide rails are designed for longevity and efficiency in commercial use. Homeowners find this model ideal as well when larger and heavier loads will be moved in the residence. Lifting medical or legal records, prepared food, wheeled carts, firewood, groceries or laundry the dumbwaiter has the size and weight capacity for most tasks.