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Craig Jones Improves Residential Elevator Safety Standards

At Country Home Elevator & Stair Lift, safety has always been a prerequisite without compromise. Company owner, Craig S. Jones has engineered numerous elevator installations and reviewed specifications of other elevator companies proposing unsafe designs and questionable safety practices. Through this experience, Jones participated in the development of practical solutions to make home elevators safer, and as a member of the committee responsible for defining industry safety standards, recently co-authored a substantial improvement with life-saving potential. Many common residential elevator installations use both a gate and a standard door. This configuration leaves an open gap that is wide enough for … Read more

Improve Mobility and Independence with an Elevator Installation

Improve Mobility and Independence with an Elevator Installation

There are a lot of reasons why people choose to get a home elevator, but one of the most common is definitely to improve mobility for residents who would otherwise have a difficult time getting up or down stairs. People install elevators in their homes in order to stay in them throughout their retirement. They install elevators when an elderly relative comes to live with them. They install elevators if they have a child in a wheelchair or who has other mobility problems. It’s not just about convenience—though certainly, an elevator is more convenient for everyone in the home—it’s about … Read more

It’s National Inventor’s Month!

April is national inventor’s month, giving us the chance to celebrate the wonderful inventors who have helped society develop in so many different ways. Famous inventors like Leonardo da Vinci (flying machine), Thomas Edison (phonograph and incandescent electric light bulb), and Henry Ford (developed the assembly line) as well as lesser-known inventors like Ermal “Ernie” Fraze (soda can pop-tab), Garrett Morgan (hair straightener and traffic signal), and John Walker (matches), have given us so many ideas and tools that have helped us grow and develop over the years. One inventor who has greatly revolutionized our modern-day world in a way … Read more

Requirements for Your Home Elevator

Most elevators will require 6-14 inches of space below the lowest level as well as space above the top.  The following are also common requirements for home elevators: Dimensions: According to building codes, no home elevator cab (in the U.S.) can have an interior larger than 18 square feet. A minimum of 5 square feet is sufficient for most home elevators. Machine room: Not all systems require a machine room, but if you’re using a hydraulic system or a cable-winding drum elevator, you will need one. Exterior shaft doors: Elevator systems should have both gates and doors. Gates keep occupants … Read more

What’s the Difference and Which is Better?

Thanks to modern technology, there are now a number of ways for people who can’t get around as easily or need the assistance of wheelchairs to tackle staircases without any problem. The developments in technology and the affordability of the machines that can carry people in or out of wheelchairs up and down stairs effortlessly has allowed elderly loved ones to stay in their own homes and others the freedom to go where they want when they want to. Two popular and affordable options are stair lifts and platform lifts. If you’re in the market for a way to get … Read more