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From The Vault: Craig Jones On KY3 TV

We happened to run across this video recently, posted on KY3’s Youtube channel. It shows an interview their reporter did with CHE owner Craig Jones at the Springfield Home Builders’ Association Show in 2012. Just a reminder to be sure and come see us at the show this year, starting January 18th at the Springfield Expo Center!

The End Of An Era: ThyssenKrupp Access Leaves North America

ThyssenKrupp Access leaves North AmericaAugust 22nd, 2012, marked the beginning of the end for two of America’s home elevator and lift brand names – Access Industries and National Wheel-O-Vator. On that day, global elevating giant ThyssenKrupp announced the imminent closure of its North American division, ThyssenKrupp Access. There will be no more new production – and soon, no more new parts – for TKA, National Wheel-O-Vator, LEV, Access Industries, and other brands established or acquired in the history of ThyssenKrupp Access.

In their decision to shutter the operation, ThyssenKrupp officials cited manufacturing issues and the sluggish economy. Unfortunately, the bad economy is about to get even worse for TKA employees, who will soon find themselves out on the job market again. We wish the best for all of these fellow elevator professionals, and hope that they will be able to find new employment quickly.

As TKA employees wonder about the future of their careers, the many owners of TK Access elevators and lifts are wondering about the future of their installations. How will they get spare parts and qualified service with the American TKA brands cut adrift?

Country Home Elevator was founded by a former American Stair Glide engineer and longtime TKA dealer, Craig Jones, CET-S. We will be using this experience and expertise to help take up the slack for owners of TKA products. Contact Country Home Elevator for all your TKA parts and service needs.

We are saddened by the loss of employment for TKA staff. Ultimately, however, the home elevator industry will live on – with young companies like Symmetry Elevating Solutions building new and greater innovation on the foundation of the past.

Don’t Miss The Loch Lloyd Home Of Distinction Tour

architectural drawing for home elevator

If you want to see a really high end custom home elevator in an actual installation, make time to visit Kansas City’s Loch Lloyd subdivision during the next two weeks. That’s when the latest Home Of Distinction by Evan-Talan Homes will be open for touring by the public. The CHE elevator in this home features deluxe upgrades to the car and hoistway entrances, with commercial-style 2-speed sliding leaf doors on the outside. The doors and entrance are stainless steel, creating a classy commercial look with a residential feel and size. Experience the smoothness of the Symmetry inline gear drive counterweighted system when you test ride this elevator.

Tickets for the tour are $15 at the door, with all proceeds going to Children’s Mercy Hospital. Country Home Elevator also has a limited number of complimentary tickets available upon request for those interested in home elevators. The home will be open this weekend and next: August 17-19 and 24-26. Hours are 10-5 on Fridays and Saturdays, Noon-5 on Sundays. CHE Owner Craig Jones will be on hand to answer your questions on the 18th and 25th. For more information, contact Country Home Elevator at 417-376-4009 or Evan-Talan Homes at 913-232-5151.

Medieval Tower Meets Modern Elevator

Country Home Elevator has successfully completed hundreds of projects, and each is special in its own way. Sometimes, though, we are involved in something so cool that it merits extra attention. Such is the case with an elevator installation we recently completed in a Grove, Oklahoma subdivision. The interesting part of this project was not so much the elevator itself, as the way in which the elevator was integrated into the existing structure.

Up front, the problem was simple. The owner of the house pictured at right wanted to install an elevator, but had no reasonable footprint within the house where one might go. Installing externally was the only option, but the outside structure needed to be attractive. The homeowner, an interior designer, didn’t want the aesthetics of the house ruined by some awkward-looking hoistway stuck onto the wall like a misplaced chimney.

After thinking about it, CHE owner Craig Jones came up with a plan. His idea to use a round tower was inspired by his experience staying in an authentic medieval “keep” while traveling in France.

Grove home, before exterior elevator was added
The house in Grove before the project began

The fact that another home in the same subdivision had a similar, differently-purposed structure on its corner made a great architectural connection. He presented this idea to the homeowner, who immediately saw its potential and agreed for work to begin.

The finished structure, completed in cooperation with a local contractor, looks outstanding and greatly enhances the home’s appearance. Fitting a rectangular-shaped elevator cab into a rounded hoistway structure was a classic square-peg/round-hole problem, but was overcome through careful planning and framing. The elevator itself is a Symmetry inline gear drive model with three stops – two inside, and one outside in the yard. The exterior stop not only allows people to enter and exit from ground level, but makes it easier for the owner’s dogs to get outside from the upstairs. (They do have to be accompanied by a human to operate the elevator, at least for now.)

All in all, this was a very gratifying project both for us and for the homeowner, who now enjoys not only access to an elevator, but also a unique and interesting look for the house. For more pictures of this project at each stage, see our Oklahoma photo gallery.
Completed elevator installation
The completed project

Another Great Year With The BBB

This month marks seven years since Country Home Elevator first received Better Business Bureau accreditation, a seal universally recognized to mean the highest standards of professionalism.

BBB Accredited Business logo

Maintaining our A+ rating with the BBB is simply a matter of doing business the way we always have – setting appropriate expectations and treating customers the way we would like to be treated. Our objective is not just to keep people from getting mad. We’re out to get them absolutely thrilled with our service and eager to recommend us to others – which they are, and do, regularly.

The result of this approach is that we almost never have anything to resolve with the BBB at all. In 2011, for example, there were zero complaints filed on our listing – not bad, we think, for a large business in the accessibility industry.

We appreciate the work the BBB has done to promote good business practices in an increasingly dangerous marketplace, and look forward to partnering with them for another year and beyond.

2012 Home Show Schedule

Every year in the spring, we enjoy connecting with customers at several home shows in the Ozarks. 2012 promises to be no exception, with the following shows on our schedule for the year:

At each show, we will as usual be setting up our demo equipment, including a fully assembled elevator cab and an actual hoistway assembly (shown at right). We look forward to seeing you this year!

demo elevator equipment

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