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Attic Storage Lifts

Toiling up and down ordinary stairs with tubloads of stuff is bad enough. Trying to do the same thing with flimsy folding attic stairs – or worse a standalone ladder – presents an even more serious danger. A SpaceLift cargo lift is to your attic what a dumbwaiter is to the rest of your house. By motorizing the process of moving stuff up and down from the attic, the SpaceLift system makes it easier for you to properly utilize the space above the ceiling.

Here’s how it works: A rectangle is framed out in your ceiling, usually next to the attic entrance. Into this opening the SpaceLift cargo lift is installed, with its deck covering the hole much like an attic access panel. A lifting mechanism, secured to the attic joists, raises and lowers the SpaceLift cargo tray by four strong steel cables at its corners. Watch the demo video below to see it in action.

What about safety?

  • To avoid tampering, the SpaceLift system is protected with a key lock on its remote control station.
  • Obstacle detector automatically stops movement if the platform contacts anything on the way up or down.
  • Weight limit switch prevents the SpaceLift cargo lift from attempting to operate when loaded beyond its 100 lb. capacity.
  • Four spring-loaded locking pins securely hold the SpaceLift platform when not in use.

Order direct and install DIY

Due to the comparatively low complexity of installing the SpaceLift system, we offer direct sales to the public via another website, AtticLift.net. On that site, you can order a SpaceLift unit with your credit card, which will be delivered ready for you or a qualified contractor to install.