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Lift Service and Maintenance – Where Are We Wednesdays (10/17/2018)​

Lift Service and Maintenance
Where Are We Wednesdays (10/17/2018)

Happy Wednesday Folks!

Senior Technician Ron sent in the first picture on the top left while in Leawood, Kansas today.  Our office received a service call from a homeowner that could not get their National Wheel-O-Vator Destiny Home Elevator to work.  This elevator was installed by another company, and with the manufacturer no longer in business they felt hopeless.  Although we do have a large stock of OEM parts from this and other manufacturers available, when it comes to electronic parts this issue was better to be repaired with up to date components.   Ron has worked with this equipment for over a decade, and was able to team with Symmetry Elevating Solutions to come up with a Retrofit to correct the issue. 

The middle picture on the left was sent in by Technician Tim in Fort Scott, Kansas.  Pictured is a door locking mechanism in a typical home elevator, this mechanism ensures that outer doors cannot be opened while the elevator is in service.  During his routine maintenance, he discovered that this older elevator had outdated locks so he is replacing them.  When these locks were first introduced, they had plastic components.  Upgrades in safety have now updated these locks to have metal components, making them more durable.

The picture on the bottom left was sent in by Technician Ivan in Joplin, Missouri.  He is working with a State Inspector today to perform the annual inspection on an Inclined Platform Lift.  The State of Missouri Division of Fire Safety-Elevators Division requires annual inspection of all commercial elevators, platform lifts, and stairway lift equipment. The state also requires adherence to ASME A17.1 Section 8.6 regarding elevator & dumbwaiter maintenance and ASME A18.1 Section 10.2.1 regarding platform lift and stairway lift maintenance. These codes require a written plan for regularly scheduled maintenance, documentation of all maintenance and service performed, and availability of this documentation in the machine room for inspector and service personnel review.  Country Home Elevator offers many plan options to help business owners stay in compliance. 

The final picture on the right was sent in by Oklahoma Operations Manager Jim in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  He is completing a pre-installation check at this high school before he installs an Inclined Platform Lift.  Instead of needing a separate space like an elevator or vertical platform lift, an Inclined Platform Lift can be installed directly on the stairs to move a wheelchair from one floor to another. 

Our crews are also in Springfield, Fayetteville, St Genevieve, Hot Springs, Verona, Norman, Edmond, Nevada, and El Dorado Springs today.  If you see one of our trucks feel free to tag us on Facebook using #countryhomeelevator or #wherearewewednesdays

Thanks for reading, and remember to check us out every Wednesday for updates!

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